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Submit Your Photo for Consideration of Use in My Artwork! (FREE)

Submit Your Photo for Consideration of Use in My Artwork! (FREE)

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Would you like to see your dog featured in my artwork? Would you like to see more designs offered for your breed? 

Submit a photo and your dog may be used as inspiration for one of my upcoming designs! 

You must have complete copyright ownership of the photo, and by submitting the photo you are releasing that copyright to me. There is no guarantee that the photo or any variation of it will be used in my artwork, but if it is used, you would then be able to purchase any of those products that it is used on. 



Client's Name, address and email shall be entered on the file page of checkout and submitted at the time the photo(s) are submitted. 


The named Client (hereinafter “Client”) in this order, hereby guarantees he/she is the legal copyright owner in the photo(s) being uploaded and attached to this order.

Client hereby grants permission to Jessica Anlauf, "Designs by Jessica Anlauf" and "Apple Blossom Naturals, llc." and his/her/their/its (‘hereinafter “Grantee”) Producer of choice to make reproductions of the Work produced by Jessica Anlauf, derived in whole or part, from the photo(s) described above in any size or quantity for the following use(s): Commerical Use and resale

Client understands and acknowledges that Client is the current sole copyright owner and any misrepresentation or error to the contrary may result in the unauthorized use and/or sale of the above described photo(s) and may cause damage to the original Photographer and that Client may be held liable for such damages.

The permission Client is granting to Jessica Anlauf et al, is for Commercial Use, including reproduction, resale and use of all or any part of the photo for Jessica Anlauf's own monetary gain. 

The client is providing the photo(s) free of will and with the understanding that there will be no financial gain in doing so. There is no guarantee that the image(s) will be used in whole or part in any Work produced by Jessica Anlauf. However, if the image(s) are used, the client will have the opportunity to purchase product(s) with that image on them.

The purchase of this product for $0.00, processed completely through the checkout function of this website, acts as an electronic signature agreeing to the terms and release.

The Client will hold Jessica Anlauf free from any liability due to loss of or damage to the images, and also releases Jessica Anlauf from any obligation to maintain copies of any digital files. 

Grantee hereby grants Jessica Anlauf the right to use and publish images and photographs as well as utilize the image(s) as a whole or part of Jessica Anlauf's work, to further promote its service and for monetary gain and all forms of commercial use and advertising.

Jessica Anlauf retains all copyrights to the final Work and derivative works thereof produced by her.

Processing this order through the final checkout page and order submission, serves as your electronic signature and agreement to the above terms.

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