Please read all rules and requirements prior to registering for any event or training session.

ABK Gundog Scurry Competitions

British inspired, Fun, competitive, timed, retrieving competitions, open to all breeds and mixed breeds,
held in a relaxed, family-friendly environment!

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ABK Gundog Skills & Drills Testing & Titling

(Open to all breeds and mixes)

Our new gundog skills and drills program will help you train your gundog, by breaking down our system in to drills and demonstrations of skills learned. It is our goal, that upon completion of all of the levels of our skills and drills testing and titling program, your gundog will be a finished gundog ready for the field and a pleasure to live with in the home.

Our UK Based Gundog Training

What We Don't Do

We don't use harsh force methods

We don't use batons or heel sticks

We don't use toe pinch

We don't string dogs up in trees

We don't put shock collars around dog's waists

We don't use shock collars at all

We don't bear down on a dog's mouth

We don't torture live birds or any other animal

We don't hit or whip dogs

We don't break dogs

What We Do! 🐾

We use repetition

We use canine psychology

We use methods proven for 100's of years

We give all animals dignity

We use behavior conditioning with rewards

We use positive reinforcement

We use balanced verbal communication

We break things down into steps

We go slowly with the end goal in mind

We train dogs and coach people