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Doberman Handler Printable

Doberman Handler Printable

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All file templates are formatted specifically to fit avery products (or other brands that are compatible) and can be easily printed onto those products with your inkjet printer at home. *Note the print files will not have the line depicted in the photos. They are for reference only.

The below links will take you to the right avery product!

Gift Tags - Avery 22802

Post Cards - Avery 8387

Matte Greeting Card - Avery 8316

2" Round Stickers - Avery 22807

– The file will be sent to your email within 24 hrs

– You can use your file(s) for personal or limited commerical use within the below rescrictions. 

– You can give away or sell the items you print associated with each file, only as long as you don’t claim the ownership of the image properties.

– Every file can be used up to 1000 copies (total for all production).

– You CANNOT alter the file or images, in any way, shape or form.

– You CANNOT use it to sell art prints or any other print.

– You CANNOT reuse the file for any seamless designs.

- You MUST include the words "Artwork by Jessica Anlauf" in any advertising for your products/awards, when advertising in print or online. 

- You CANNOT use the images for branding purposes, logos or associating with any business. 

– YOU CANNOT resell, sublicense, distribute or share the files to anyone, except for the purpose of your own printing.

– You CANNOT use the images for any Print on Demands and upload it on platforms such as, Red Bubble, Society 6, Teepublic, ETC.

– You CANNOT upload the images to any microstocks or other graphic resources such as Etsy, Freepik, Adobe Stock, ShutterStock, Creative Market, ETC.

– Legal action and compensation fee will be taken for breaking the terms.

– By purchasing, you agree to the Terms and Conditions listed above.

Copyrights © Designs by Jessica Anlauf | All rights reserved

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