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Custom Watercolor Illustration 6"x9" on watercolor paper

Custom Watercolor Illustration 6"x9" on watercolor paper

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Original custom watercolor illustrations are a great for gifts as well as for personal use! 

You are purchasing an illustration design, created by me, in my own interpretation and in my style. One major component of my style is that I don't do human faces. They are always at an angle or turned backward to keep with my style. 

Illustrations are an interpretation of what I see or imagine which gives me full artistic license to create. If you are looking for something more realistic, or specific to your own specifications, I would suggest my watercolor fine art commissions. :) 

Once you process your oder please contact me via FB messenger or email: with a variety of photos with different angles of the subjects for the illustrations.

All illustrations remain copyright protected by me, Jessica Anlauf and cannot be copied, reproduced or dissemenated in any way shape or form. 

I Jessica Anlauf reserve the original rights to all illustrations I create.


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