• Certified Pet Groomer

    Kathy Anlauf is a Certified Pet Groomer with over 30 years of experience. Jessica Anlauf has over 20 years of experience as a brusher bather. Together they breed, show and compete with their golden retrievers. Jessica is also an experienced dog trainer.

  • Schedule an Appointment

    To schedule an appointment please contact Kathy at 320-396-2133.

    We are generally booked out at least 2 weeks so be sure to call early.

  • Restricted Breeds

    Due to physical limitations after an injury from grooming, we no longer accept large poodle mixes ("doodles"), huskies, chow chows, malamutes, shar-peis, rottweilers, newfoundlands, large/long haired german shepherd dogs, spitz type breeds with heavy coats. great pyrenes or giant breeds other heavey coated breeds.