Donation Requests

Thank you for your interest in my artwork for your club/organization/benefit! 

I am not able to donate to all of the requests I receive, so in order to be sure I am using my time to support the best projects presented to me and which help support the work I do so I can continue doing it, I ask that you send me an email to: with the following information. 

1. Name and purpose of your organization? Does your organization promote purebred dogs and/or responsible breeders in any way? 

2. What you are asking to be donated? (full size piece of art, discount/coupon for my online store, gift certificate for my online store, workshop/class/training/seminar, something else?, etc.) 

3. If a full size piece of art, who will pay for shipping/handling costs?

4. How my artwork will be displayed? (online, in person, news print, etc.?)

5. How many people will attend your event? (participants and spectators)

6. When and where is your event going to be held? (is it a one day event or something else?)

7. How will you promote my artwork/business? (announcing at event, publish in newspaper, published online, request group members/family/friends/event participants to follow my fb page or like posts, signage indoors at event, signage outside at event, advertisement in your catalogue, printed flyers with information, posts on social media - FB, twitter, pinterest, sharing of my posts on social media by club members, tagging club members/family/friends/event participants in my posts, writing positive reviews on fb, writing positive reviews on website, publish snippet on club/organization website, link from club/organization website, newsletter publication, etc.)

Thank you for your interest!