Business Consulting

I receive around 30 messages a day, asking me for insider trade secrets and other inside business information. Everything from how much we spend on rent, how we set up our contracts, how we make our ribbons, how we make other equipment for our shows, how we run our training programs, where we source our materials, what camera equipment or printer I use, what software I use to create my artwork, which brushes I use to create designs, what provider we use for our website, what software we use for our shows, how much our equipment costs, where to source it, exact names of companies we partner with or supply us for wholesale purchases, etc. The list is endless really!  

Because I don't have time to answer all of those messages throughout the day, (If I took 15 minutes to respond to 30+ messages, I'd be spending 7 1/2 hrs a day, simply responding to those messages! Uffdah! That's a lot of time!), I am now offering business consultations! This is a great opportunity for individuals and companies to learn from me and all the work I have done over the years. 


My fees: 

$460/per hour with a 3 hr minimum. (remember, I am taking the time to divulge all of my insider secrets and information I have gathered over decades through my own research and 2 master's degrees, which I happen to be paying off still)! This price is far cheaper than taking even just 1 of the many graduate level courses I have taken. And the information you are asking for, will essentially help you become a competitor (or at least a "non-client") to my business! In other words you are asking me to give you insider business information so that you do not have to purchase it through me. So this pricing is very fair. Kentucky Fried Chicken won't even sell you their secret recipes!) :D 


How it works/Setting Up an Appointment: 

If you would like to set up an appointment, send an email to with information about what you are looking for. 

We will send a contract out to you, including a non-compete (you agree not to divulge any of the information we give to you to any other person). Once we receive the contract back, we will ask you to make a payment through venmo or paypal. And then we will set up a time for a zoom meeting where I will answer the questions you have!