Vendor Terms & Conditions

Apple Blossom Kennels 
3273 421st Ave NE 
Braham, MN 5006 




OPTION 1: General Vendor: General Vendor Fee - $25/per day 

  • 10x10 space (no electric. no other furnishings. everything must be provided by the vendor themselves.)

OPTION 2: Micro Vendor: For vendors who already have a dog entered into our show/event and are vending out of their grooming space without any additional space used. $15/per day

OPTION 3: Sponsor Vendor: No General Fee & Instead a Donation(s) equaling or exceeding a total retail value of $40+/per day of your product/service. (ie. If it is a 2 day show, the donation would need to be at least $80 worth of product/service. Etc.) Product or service voucher must be received prior to the start of the show or the space will be forfeited. 

As a Sponsor you will also receive:  

  • 1 page color Ad in digital Premium emailed to all exhibitors and published online (ad furnished by sponsor, must be approved by ABK) 
  • Logo included within body of email confirmations sent out to all exhibitors 
  • Photo/Info of prize included in body of email confirmations sent to all exhibitors (photo furnished by sponsor, must be sent prior to opening of registration to be included in all emails) 
  • Logo on Website on the event page (logo furnished by sponsor) 
  • Banner hanging inside ring (up to 3x8 – furnished by sponsor) 
  • Banner hanging outside ring (up to 3x8 – furnished by sponsor) 
  • 10x10 booth space (no electric, all equipment, must be brought by sponsor, if electric is needed please discuss with Jessica) 
  • Post on all ABK Social media posts (FB Group, FB Page, Instagram) 
  • Inclusion of logo on Best In Show award ribbon (on center streamer) 
  • Announcement of Sponsorship at beginning of show announcements 
  • Business cards, flyers, other marketing materials placed on secretary’s table (furnished by sponsor) 
  • Logo inclusion on flyer, listed prize and business listing, posted to over 32,000 members 
  • Prize information and sponsor name on UKC event page (if agree to and furnished to ABK before UKC publishes event information) 
  • Any sponsor that provides an additional sample item/service to Jessica, will be promoted through social media with unique content created using the sample/service. 


Vendors may set up in the morning of the event, between the hours of 7-8:30am. Vendors shall tear down AFTER the event is over or ONLY tear down during the event when doing so would NOT be distracting to the exhibitors and their dogs. 

Vendors are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the space provided in an organized and neat manner. This responsibility includes the removal of bulk trash. Should the vendor fail to keep the space in an orderly manner, additional removal fees will be added. 

All display signs must be free-standing meaning they may not attach to walls or columns of the building by any means at all. 

Vendor shall ensure the proper quality of the products sold and shall comply with all applicable laws as to the vendor's sales. 

Vendor is solely responsible to obtain insurance coverage on property brought into the building or onto the grounds. Vendor assumes full responsibility for items left in the facility. Apple Blossom Kennels accepts no liability for lost, stolen or damaged property and is not required to carry additional insurance to cover vendor's property. 

Vendor agrees to indemnify and hold Apple Blossom Kennels harmless from all claims, losses, expenses, fees including attorney fees, costs and judgments that may be asserted against Apple Blossom Kennels or its employees or organizers, that result from the acts or omissions of Apple Blossom Kennels and/or Apple Blossom Kennels' employees, agents, or representatives.