Traveling Workshops

Training, by Our Experts, On Site at Your Location!

We bring everything to you! Rats, tubes, straw, ring panels, birds, decoys, pool, dock and all other equipment!

WHO CAN HOST A WORKSHOP: Anyone can host a workshop, whether you are a private individual, group, club or other entity!
HOW TO SCHEDULE: Send us a message through facebook messenger (quickest easiest way to schedule), e-mail (next best), text or call and leave a voicemail and we will call back when we are able.
WHAT YOU NEED: Location! Can be indoor or outdoor!
Our intro to Rat Games & Barn Hunt workshop requires a 16'x16' space for our ring setup + seating and crating area. The advanced Rat Games & Barn Hunt workshops require a 24'x24' space for our ring setup + seating and crating area. Example spaces for barn hunt: Garage, Barn, Basement, Training Building, Driveway, Fabric Shelter, Field, Yard, etc. All barn hunt workshops held outdoors will need a tent to keep straw dry when rain is possible, as well as shade for participants. 
Intro to gundog can be inside or outside with outdoor preferred.
Dock Jumping workshops will need to a flat, level ground free from any debris, and the host club will need to arrange for and pay for the water fill of the pool. 
We will also need a spot to park our travel rig near the training space, preferably with an electric hookup. However, if electric is not available please let us know so we can bring our generator. We will arrive the day before the workshop and leave the day of the last workshop. 

All Workshops are Full-Day Workshops (8 hrs - 9am-5pm): 
Time may be shortened as needed for groups less than 15. Full day workshops alternate between classroom work and hands-on learning/training with breaks in between. The day breaks down into 6 hrs classroom/hands on work + 1 hr lunch break and 2x30 minute breaks for a total of 8 hrs. Our 8 hr workshops cover a lot of information and offer a lot of hands on opportunities so in order to ensure dogs are not pushed past their limits, groups of less than 15 may have the day shortened slightly. 

Available Topics

Open to All Breeds & Mixes

All Rat working for us in our Rat Games/Barn Hunt Workshops will need breaks. They will be switched out at specific intervals throughout the day. 

  • Intro to Rat Games/Barn Hunt I
    This workshop is best for individuals who are new to barn hunt and would like to learn more about the rules and regulations of the sport, how to enter a trial, see if their dog has a natural aptitude (or learn what to do and how to train if they don’t!) and to learn the basic skills of how to train better. (we go into detail on all the nitty gritty of how a trial works, etc. so anyone with barn hunt experience should join our upper level workshops or do private one on ones). This workshop covers various topics including an intro to barn hunt, novice course information, basic rules, barn hunt behavior training and hunting skills, common problems/errors, and hands on individualized training for indications, scent discrimination and basic barn hunting skills.
  • Intro to Rat Games/Barn Hunt II
    This workshop is best for individuals who have already taken our Intro to Rat Games/Barn Hunt workshop and want to continue to build upon what they have already learned. In this workshop we will continue to work on the knowledge and skills necessary to enter a trial. We continue to cover topics related to common training problems, handler errors, and advanced handler skills. A large portion of time is spent with dog/handler teams in the ring working hands-on to address the current needs and concerns of each dog/handler team. 
  • Intermediate Rat Games/Barn Hunt
    This is an excellent workshop for individuals who are stuck at a novice or open level class and having difficulty obtaining Q’s to the next level, those finding their dogs have regressed in some way or handlers who want to fix an issue that is holding them back.
  • Advanced Rat Games/Barn Hunt
    This workshop is best for individuals who are in senior and masters level classes and  experiencing difficulties, finding their dogs have regressed in some way or handlers who want to fix an issue that is holding them back. This course also digs into advanced handler skills for distance challenges and training skills specifically for master level dogs and handlers. 
  • Train the Trainer
    This workshop is for those wishing to learn how to become a trainer for rat hunting sports. This workshop is great for those who are already dog trainers and looking to offer rat hunt training to their clients. This workshop includes how to analyze and critique clients, what to look for and common mistakes and solutions, as well as communication skills and how to work with clients from diverse backgrounds, and much more!
  • Club Development
    For clubs and club members who wish to organize a training group to help each other train better or become a Rat Games or Barn Hunt Club to host trials. Topics covered include how to become a rat games or barn hunt club, how to set up a facility and the materials needed, expected costs, how to save money on equipment, how to schedule and run practices, 

Serving the United States and Canada


*Hosts May Charge Any Amount Above and Beyond our Pricing. Hosts may choose to add additional costs to our pricing to cover costs of renting the space, food if provided, time invested in organizing the event and other costs or to use our workshop as part of their club fundraising efforts. The final price you choose to charge your participants is up to you. 
* Pricing is based on one handler + one dog working team, per day. Any individuals that want to work more than one dog are required to purchase an additional spot for each additional dog. We recommend only working one dog, as juggling two can be difficult. All non-working attendees (including children, spouses, helpers, organizers, etc.) must pay for an audit spot. 
*We offer discounts to individuals and clubs who schedule more than one workshop in consecutive days, as it saves us on travel time and expenses. We pass those savings onto you by reducing our daily rate. (example: Saturday workshop topic 1 + Sunday workshop topic 2)
*We require individuals and clubs in the "brown and green zones" to schedule at least 2 consecutive workshops to help cover the additional travel expenses we incur when traveling out of the 5 state area. (example: Saturday workshop topic 1 + Sunday workshop topic 2 or Monday topic 1 + Tuesday topic 2).
*Discounts also available to clubs who provide the straw, 30'x30' tarp and 4' ring panels for a 24'x24' ring. Loading and unloading, as well as traveling with straw raises our overhead costs including our gas costs. When you are able to provide the straw and ring panels, and tarp when needed, we offer a $10 discount per working spot, per day for Pink Zones, $35 discount per working spot per day for Brown Zones, and $60 discount per working spot per day for Green Zones. 

Pink ZonesBrown ZonesGreen Zones
1 Day Workshop: $95/per day

2 Days of Workshops: $85/per day

3 Days of Workshops: $80/per day

4 Days of Workshops: $75/per day

Audit Spots: $50/per day
2 Days of Workshops: $145/per day

3 Days of Workshops: $135/per day

4 Days of Workshops: $130/per day

Audit Spots: $50/per day
2 Days of Workshops: $240/per day

3 Days of Workshops: $220/per day

4 Days of Workshops: $200/per day

Audit Spots: $50/per day

Minimum and Maximum number of participants: 

Minimum: 10 working spots per workshop day
Maximum: 15 working spots per workshop day
Audit Spots: Unlimited per day

Payment Methods: We accept paypal, cash, check, venmo or we can create a link on our website for you to pay with a card, google pay and other options. 

Additional Information

At Time of Scheduling We Require:

  • Non-Refundable Deposit of $100 to hold the date you have selected. This is non-refundable except in the event we must cancel due to personal circumstances. If we must re-schedule, including but not limited to, a natural disaster/pandemic, the deposit will be used for the newly scheduled date. 

Two Weeks Prior to Workshop Date We Require:

  • List of Participants Registered including handler name, dog name, dog breed, dog age and level/experience of the handler and dog. *All spots are non-refundable at the time of providing us the list of participants. For example, if 10 were signed up by the two week prior date and only 3 attend, the other 7 will not be refunded.
  • Signed Release from All Participants & Club or Individual Hosting releasing us of any liability of any accidents, etc. We will provide you with the release forms to be signed
  • Photo Release Form from All Participants and Hosting Location allowing us to take photos and use them in our marketing materials, online, in social media and print how we see fit. 

  • We Also Ask That You Distribute The List of What to Bring and what to expect, to all of you registered participants and ensure they are properly prepared for the workshop.

Last Day of Workshop:

  • Payment in Full we require the balance of the workshop to be paid by the last day of the workshop.